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Two Male Slaves Wrestling Battle

This male wrestling shoot was originally broadcasted live on The Upper Floor. So, in case you have missed it - here are the highlights from the show. Two mistresses Maitresse Madeline and Aiden Starr pit two male slaves against each other in wrestle fight. Divine Bitches watch them in amusement before having their way with them. At first, Madeline sits on her throne watching Aiden flogging, strap on fucking and verbally humiliating both guys before she joins her in for some cock and balls torture action which she enjoys enormously…

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Male Wrestling

Male slaves forced to wrestle against each other -

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Male Slave Dominated And Humiliated

Zak Tyler gets caught in panty store by Divine Bitches shop girl Aiden Starr just before she was closing. She thought a guy is picking up panties for his girlfriend, but then after Zak delayed with making a choice in dressing room she has got suspicious. And surely enough, this pervert was trying the panties on for himself. Aiden pulls him out of the room and into the center of the shop, where she straps his filthy ass to the chair and teaches him a lesson. There is paddling, butt plugging and blackmailing goes on before she makes Zak watch her getting off herself and leaving him in his own spunk for the night…

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Male Slave

Male slave domination, cock tease and humiliation -

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Lorelei Lee Tease And Denial

Don’t let a pretty face on this cute blonde fool you into thinking than Lorelei Lee is an easy target. She wears black latex corset and stockings underneath her clothes. Her pussy is exposed, but she will punish you even if you think of it. She is the one to do the fucking also. Your cocks will be locked and balls fixed with wooden clothes pins, while she does fucking of your tight virgin ass with a long strap-on. She makes it painful just to watch what she might do to a male human being when nothing restrains her from turning her Divine Bitches fantasies into life…

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Tease And Denial

Lorelei teases Mickey and denies his orgasm -

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Mistress Ashley Educating Bitchboy Jason

Just a sight of pink mistress Ashley Fires dressed in a transparent latex outfit can make you hard, if not for the fact that she will refuses your erection by placing a lock onto your cock just like she does it to Jason Miller. This one of Divine Bitches is not interested in pleasuring a guy, instead she enjoys more having fun by herself while humiliating a male slave by making him watch her do it. She fiddles with his ass hole by inserting a lollypop into it, then strap-on fucks it and forces Jason to worship her feet before she gets herself off with fucking machine…

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Mistress Slave

Mistress Ashley educates slave Jason -

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Three Slaveboys Get Milked Dry

Three new slaves get taken cared of by Maitress Madeline herself and her assistant Madison Young. The two use special cock machines and penis pumps to stimulate these men. They want to see who of them can come first and then reward him for his urgency. The prize gets presented Divine Bitches style, which includes strap-on ass fucking - something you wouldn’t want to miss when knowing that it is going to be administered by redhead hottie Madison. The other two get stroked by Maitress simultaneously, with one of them being ordered to erupt his spunk over the other guy in final…

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Slave Milking

Tree male slaves milked by their two mistresses -

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Aiden Starr Training Slaveboy Kade

There is one more final exam for slave boy Kade who needs to pass it before he will be able to graduate and assigned to The Upper Floor. Sounds simple enough, if it is not for Divine Bitches Aiden Starr that tests his abilities to serve and obey woman’s desires. She first puts a paper bag then a box onto his head to objectify him, which allows her to fuck his slave ass with no objection coming from its owner, only moans. The mistress stretches his cock with three pairs of heavy high-heels which pull it to the ground then fucks him silly, while his balls still tied up with rope…

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Slave Training

Aiden Start trains Kade for The Upper Floor -

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Isis Love Tease And Denial

It is one of the most amusing shoots not only at Divine Bitches but the whole Kink network too. As Isis Love starts to play with new sub Wolf Hudson she staples him with cell to the floor, rides his face with her ass and makes him worship her pussy to her satisfaction. The most interesting part begins when he straps him to the pole and connects a Male Fucking Machine to his cock, which can now be fucked at 1000 revolutions per minute. This makes Wolf scream so loud that the crew gets afraid they can be heard from building across the street…

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Tease And Denial

Extreme tease and denial by empowered Isis -

Watch Male Tease And Denial Here

Mistress Bobbi Male Domination

Newbie Mikey Mod is at his second training session with Divine Bitches. This time his mistress is Bobbi Star, who is naturally beautiful and sadistic. She has brains to match and sexual appetite like that of a teenager. Watch as she tortures and dominates male slave Mickey by forcing him wear uncomfortable high-heels, spanking his ass till it turn red and filling it with an electrified plug. Hot wax and dildo fucking goes there too. After locking him in a painful bondage position Bobbi uses his hard dick to satisfy herself and leaves Mickey abused after that…

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Male Domination

Male dominated by gorgeous mistress Bobbi Star -

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Male Bdsm Dating

Men are known to be very proud people and thus seem to be resistant to any domination act. But the reality is completely opposite. A recent survey reveals that around 66 percent of interviewed men were keen to participate in male bondage scene. Moreover, around 38 percent of guys have already either practiced or witnessed male bondage act and enjoyed it a lot. The online dating websites have redefined the male bondage. In the recent years the male bdsm has considerably grown in popularity as more and more couples enjoy bdsm channels online and hardcore bdsm experiences in real life.

Bondage Party With Male Slave

This episode is an extract from bondage party which was organized to welcome new mistress Isis Love. It took place live at The Upper Floor and involved several mistresses, including Maitresse Madeline herself, who get to play with three male slaves such as Zak Tyler. Orgasms were only for the ladies that time and all males were left in denial after being flogged, abused, humiliated and having their balls and cocks tortured. This version contains the finest fem dom action which happened during the show. Isis is now officially assigned to Divine Bitches team…

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Bondage Party

Six mistresses three and male slaves bondage party -

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